L'évaluation par compétences
basée sur les observables
Various use cases

Wherever pedagogy relies on competence assessment

The Skill by skill app allows various uses and pedagogic scenarios. The two exemples below illustrate step by step two typical use cases.

Scenario 1: A team of instructor shares their assessment of the students

Scenario 2: Peer assessment

Users experience

- summer camp animator training. "Each evening, a dedicated time slot allows the trainees to write down what they did during the day, that shows their progress in the expected skills. For example, considering the teamwork skill: "While preparing the afternoon game, I led the meeting and ensured everybody could express himself". This self-assessment is compiled by the app along the observations of the trainers, allowing to give value to it, as it requires a significant effort from the trainees."

- university. "I lead a workshop to train students for oral presentation. With the Skill by skill app, students get involved and provide their fellow students with feedback on their rehearsals".

sports club. "In our diving club, we must follow members and check they acquire the skills required to get their certifications. As we are several volunteer trainers, the Skills by skills app perfectly meets our needs."

ostoeopathic school. "When I implemented professional practice analysis groups, students have soon been able to autonomously lead and live these exchange times on their practice. This allowed me to observe the group and provide each student with a detailed assessment with regard to a dozen precise skills. To further enrich the feedback, I now split the class into two sub-groups. Each student is paired with a peer of the other sub-group. When a sub-group is working, the other one is observing their peer, and providing a feedback. As the observations are written down in the Skills by skills app, they are easy to gather and compile."

summer camp leaders training : "When I lead a training session for summer camp leaders, it is essential to share with my team factual observations on the trainees progress. The Skill by skill app performs this sharing smoothly, and allows us to adapt the training in real time to the actual needs of the trainees".

driving school. "I am a driving teacher, and I appreciate to be able to write down my assessments during the lesson with a simple badge. Then, I can see the progress of each student, and provide them with an assessment so they know what skill they have to focus on."

university. "I manage a team of two dozen assistants, with a high turnover. With the Skill by skill app, I can keep track of the assessment of their work, which is very valuable when they ask for a recommendation letter some years later."
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