Skill-based evaluation
relying on observables

A pragmatic solution, developed
BY instructors
FOR instructors

Starting from field experience

Hervé and Jérôme Kasparian were leading together a training session for Summer camp directors. To coach the trainees and let them experience an objective and transparent competence-based assessment, they were spending a great deal of energy to collect "observables" that would demonstrate that the trainees master the expected skills, in order to provide the final assessment.

The large
amount of collected data has to be shared among the instructor's team and analyzed each day to allow adapting the training contents for the next days, and to focus the instructors' efforts on the trainees that need it most. The need for a tool to handle these observations is at the root of the project.

Now, with the
Skills app, all the process is done in a tap!
In a tap, we share observations from different instructors.
In a tap, we can
see the progress of the group on each criterion.
In a tap, we
assess to which extent a trainee masters each required skill.
Today, we cannot imagine doing without it! In the sessions we organize, the
Skills app is at the heart of our assessment process.

More recently, we started to use it in our professional projects as well.
- Jérôme Kasparian, professor at the University of Geneva, uses it daily to supervise his team of assistants and to provide feedback to student on oral presentations.
- Hervé Kasparian, Professor at the Osteopathic College of Bordeaux, uses it for his teaching "Methodology of provessional practice analysis" to provide objective feedback on the students' practical exercises.
The team:
Hervé Kasparian

● Training session director
● Consultant in industrial management
● Osteopath and Professor of osteopathy.
Jérôme Kasparian

● Training session director
● Professor at the University of Geneva
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